Our Primary Goal

Our primary goals are the safe removal and relocation of rattlesnakes & all other reptiles back into the wild. And educating people of the necessity of reptiles in a well balanced ecosystem.


Sonoran Desert Reptiles, Inc.

All Donations will be applied to the functions of Sonoran Desert Reptiles, Inc.

Snakes of all types, including rattlesnakes, play an Integral role in a well-balanced ecosystem. They are our primary defense against rodents which carry disease and compete with us for food.

NEVER attempt to remove or relocate a rattlesnake unless you have the proper equipment, training and experience. 

Augie Herbst @ 520-222-3522

Andy Baughman @ 520-869-2079

Your Problem Is Our Passion!

Whether it be a rattlesnake, a Gila monster, or just a harmless snake we will gladly, with a smile on our face, come and remove it safely from your yard or property and put it back into it's natural habitat.

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